Success is not measured by what you have encountered, but the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.
Orison Swett Marden


Educational and Supportive Services

Counseling services are provided for high school and GED students to achieve their educational goals. Tutoring services will also be available to support college students and those in vocational programs. All recipients of these services will fulfill their personal and educational goals with the support and assistance of their assigned mentor and life coach.

Financial Wellness

Just as the physical body requires periodic analysis and maintenance to achieve ideal health; so do your finances. Program participants create and maintain an active resume that effectively showcases their strengths and talents. Resumes are consistently updated and reviewed for possible advancement in the participants' current position or within their chosen career path. Referrals are then made to partner agencies to support and advance their career. Participants also learn to maintain an active copy of their credit reports and be counseled on budgeting methods to ensure successful financial standing.

Physical and Emotional Wellness

Participants will concentrate on four distinct wellness areas:

  • Health: medical monitoring, referral resources, and fitness/nutrition
  • Emotional: individual and group therapy; as well as behavioral health monitoring
  • Social and Cultural Competance: relationship building, and cultural recognition and acceptance
  • Spiritual: TBD

Cultural Immersion and Community Accountability

Large metropolitan areas are a beacon for graduates and young adults for vast cultural resources and historical precedence. However, for any child in the foster care system or living in a disadvantaged situations not only is it NOT so amazing, but can also feel like a slap in the face. To live in an area so full of potential but feel un-entitled and less than worthy of any possible success, happiness or "normalcy"; that's the nightmare that many wards of the state have felt.

The cultural immersion is meant to connect the "forgotten" with the full potential of this area and give a boost and advance their social and cultural competence. When a child is immersed in hope, support and possibilities not only does it change the their outlook on life but the community's as well. Mutual respect and accountability means less foster and abused kids ending up homeless in jail; in the welfare system and in the graveyards.

Life Coaching and Mentorship

Life is a bit like the beloved tale "The Wizard of Oz". We (the Dorothys" of the world) consistently acknowledge that we wish to go home but don't know how. We each have an undeniable purpose for existing. Each breath is not just without cause but an absolute necessity. Our destinies are tied one to another. Identifying our "yellow brick road" is sometimes the hardest part.

Program participants are assigned both a life coach and a mentor. Life coaches are meant to help clarify the life path and lay a map with action items necessary to complete in order to complete the journey successfully. ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR PAST.; CLARIFY YOUR PRESENT;PLAN AND EMBRACE YOUR FUTURE.

Coaches work to help participants overcome challenges; make correct choices to minimize challenges and to encourage clear and concise thinking. Participants will learn to implement positive and productive thought processes to encourage a more productive life. They will be empowered and encouraged to utilize their positive instincts to fulfill their dreams. They will be taught to clear unnecessary thoughts, people and things that cloud their true selves and block natural instincts and hopes.

Mentors are volunteers who have distinct experience in the participant's chosen field of interest. They are the enthusiastic cheerleaders along "the yellow brick road", so to speak. They affirm our humanity in the quest. That although we seek perfection we WILL stumble and fall. And that while its ok to stumble, cry and make mistakes; it is never ok to just give up. They affirm our humanity in the truth of their lives. They show us that in spite of mistakes and trials it we can and WILL make it.

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